The Diablo Valley Pool League is a non-profit organization which encourages and welcomes anyone to join and learn the game while playing in the leagues and tournaments offered. We have been in business since 1995 and have structured the leagues to be competitive for all skill levels.  Our main goal is to prepare players to participate in the BCA/ACS National Championships held in   Las Vegas.    

Open Mix League

 The Open/Mix League allows men and women to participate on a team of (4) together. This league runs on Tuesday nights and starts at 7:30 pm. The Open/Mix League is a traveling league, matches are played at different sponsor locations.  Sponsors contribute $100/team towards payouts.  

Women's League
The Women's League is composed solely of women, teeams of (4). This league runs on Wendsday nights and starts at 7:30 pm. This league has proven to be one of the best around the bay, bringing out talented players and new recruits to compete on. Women's league is a traveling league, matches are different sponsor locations, who contribute $100/team towards payouts.  

9-Ball League
The 9-Ball League runs once a year, every other Saturday or Sunday, based on players interests. 

Scotch Doubles League
The Scotch Doubles League consists of a two person team (1 male and 1 female) and runs twice a year and is played every other Sunday. The league alternates between 8-Ball and 9-Ball.
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