Open league 03/30/2020



We  hope every one is staying safe during this times. We are committed to  making sure our pool community is doing their part to stay healthy.  We  will NOT be meeting for our players meeting this upcoming Tuesday  March 31, nor will we be starting our Spring Open-Mix session on April  22.

Please note as soon as our sponsor bars are  allowed to open doors, we will continue to support them by restarting  all our leagues. We will do our best to inform you as soon as we know  anything.

We added our agenda to our website if  any one feels inclined to providing ideas/suggestions and/or confirming  your participation. 

For now all DVPL leagues;  Open, Women's, Scotch, Friday nite tourney, clinics and Women's Tourney  are on hold. BCA has refunded entries for the teams that had entered  the teams event which was cancelled.

As of today ACS Nationals event in May has not been cancelled.......

Be well every one.

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