Guidelines for Friday Night Tournament at Vinnie's Bar



For those who love tournament competition, there is an 8-ball tournament at Vinnie's bar on Friday nights, which brings some of the toughest pool players around to play for the cash. This Tournament is open to any player male or female and is played based on BCA rules. The sponsoring bar (Vinnie’s) adds also money to the pot. 


 Rules for Friday BCA 8 Ball Tournament @ Vinnies Bar 2019 The intent of this event is to motivate new and upcoming players to participate, improve, and compete against better players to ultimately excel as a player and enjoy cash prizes alongside the established pool players.

 1. Players due to the amount of time taken to find players while others diligently wait their turn to play, if a tournament director calls your game and you are not present by a pool table, you will have 3 minutes before your match is called a forfeit. (It is the players responsibility to be around for their matches called and to be aware where they stand in the tournament brackets) 

2. Tournament directors will inform you when you are on deck to play your match so it will be your responsibility to be in the room and ready to play. Please plan bathroom breaks, phone calls, etc accordingly to avoid match delays and forfeits.

 Guidelines for Tournament

1. Established A players will race to 2 against A players. 

2. Current A players (average +9: (Jason Williams, George Williams, Jason Miller, Barry Smith, Gary Stevens, Feras Qaddoura, Dustin Baisch, Aldrich Cagaoan, Rich Yoder, Bee Davison, Dave Gomez, Doug Whaley, Jared Williams,)

 3. Established A Players will race to 3 against B players who will race to 2 on the winner side bracket. 

4. Established B players will race to 2 against other B players in the winners bracket. 

5. On the one loss side bracket all players A & B will only race to 1 game. 

6. Matches will be alternate breaks. Players will flip for the break. If during a match the score is 1-1 then players will flip for the final game of play. 

7. Any player A or B level that wins 1st place prize two weeks in a row MUST take a week off of playing unless it is the end of the month then that player will not be penalized to have an opportunity at the added money saved for the end of the month.

 8. Any player that cashes in top 3 places will automatically be bumped up to an A-player. (this means that he/she will no longer get a handicap unless they play against an AA player ( ex. Jason Williams ) 

9. To qualify for the end of the month added money players must play at least twice in the month before the last Friday of the month. 

10. Everyone will pay $20 instead of the regular $15 the last Friday of the month.

 11. We will continue to take $1/player every Friday to add to the end of the month pot. The last Friday of the month we will collect the first three weeks $1/player money and add it to the pot. 

 12. Whenever we have more than 24 players we will pay top 6 players.

 13. If we have less than 24 players then we will pay top 4 players except at the end of the month.

 14. Top woman in the tournament will receive half of the total paid by all women participating. There should be at least 3 women to pay top female. 

15. Tournament director will be posting the date of the tournament and the names of the winners on website and via e-mail.  

16. If we get less than 25 players, we will handicap the tournament. If more than 25 players, we will play a race to 1. 



1) Barry        $160 +$22

2) Jim M        $120 +$22

3) Ver            $80

4) Joanar        $40+22

Barry and Joenar sit out.

02/21/2020 (31)


1st Jesse    $150

2nd Barry   $110

3rd Mike S  $75

4rth Klaus  $45

5th Chris    $25

6th Joenar $25

Top Woman 

Norma       $40

Mike S-sits out.

Piona's Memorial tournament

Winners of Piona's event


Piona's Memorial Tourney is this weekend. Good luck to  all of you who  choose to participate. As you can see there is plenty of our local players 

1.    Craig Oden                 $440      (58 participants) 2008
2.   Jason Williams           $500      (56 participants) 2009
3.   Alex Almendral           $300     (41 participants) 2010
4.   Jason Williams          $450     (51 participants) 2011
5.   Doug Whaley             $420     (38 participants) 2012
6.   Bee Davison              $400     (46 participants) 2013
7.   Chris Lingelbach       $500     (56 participants) 2014
8.   Feras Qaddoura       $500     (50 participants) 2015
9.   Mike Mitchell           $400     (49 participants) 2016
10. Jason Williams         $500     (53 participants) 2017
11.  Victor Elacion          $480     (32 participants) 2018

Pay out of Piona's event


Dave Piona's Memorial Tourney 2019 (13th Year)

We had a total 58 players. Christina A Petersen Piona donated $250, Randy Piona $100, Diablo Valley Pool Leagues $250.

Thank you for all the participants for helping us keeping Dave's memory alive, till next year.........Congrats Jason Williams.

1st ` $580 Jason Williams
2nd  $430 Jeff Heath
3rd  $280 Hector Oh
4rth  $150 (Rithy)
5th-6th  $100 Alex Almendral, Fidel Aldrich Coloma
7th-8th  $80 (Ritz , Von)
9th-12th  $40 (Randy Talarico, Thayer M, Feras, Nick L)

Top Woman

Sara Thomas  $90


 Final Standings

1st Gary S - Shawn $400

2nd Joe V - Kendra $250

3rd Doug - Leslie $150

4rth Jason W - Jannelle $100

5th-6th Feras - Amani $50

5th-6th Logan - Debra $50

7th-8th George - Kacie $30

7th-8th Jason M - Stacy $30