Update 03/17/2020

Updates 04/04/2020





The  American CueSports Alliance (ACS) Board of Directors is a group of pool  playing members, such as yourself, elected by the ACS membership. They  are as involved and have the same concerns about the sport as their  fellow members do. During these trying times within our sport, and North  America in general, your Directors have the difficult task of balancing  the best interests of its members who want to play pool, while keeping  an informed perspective on their health and welfare amid the  unpredictability of producing events over these next few months. With  these concerns in mind, currently and in the coming months, the  ACS Board regrets to announce that the ACS must cancel its Omega  Billiards 2020 ACS National Championships scheduled for the Tropicana  Las Vegas, May 9-16. While the Tropicana in Las Vegas may  reopen by the dates needed to set-up and produce these Championships, we  project the restrictions which casinos will be required to follow in  May, and many weeks thereafter, will make the production of our  gathering impossible.

For  all members who made plans to attend (and we were projecting another  record turnout!) and are staying at the host property and reserved under  the ACS block using the ACS-specific passkey https://book.passkey.com/go/AmericanCueSports2020,  the Tropicana will be automatically canceling your reservations and  refunding any deposits made. Those who reserved their rooms at the  Tropicana using others means such as player rewards, Hilton points, etc.  should use their original email confirmation to request a refund from  the Tropicana. In addition, the ACS administrative office will be  refunding all entry fees to the original funding source, in full, minus  any PayPal or credit card fees charged to the ACS. These refunds will be  processed and remitted between mid-April and mid-May.

2019-20  league year ACS State Championship Teams that took advantage of the  free entry perks for the 2020 Nationals will be honored for the 2021 ACS  Nationals. State Championship Teams will be refunded their 2020 ACS  Nationals fees and must resubmit entries in the same manner for the 2021  ACS Nationals. We request that all team members still qualify in  ACS-sanctioned leagues during the 2020-21 ACS league year that begins  June 1, 2020.

We  can only hope that you can understand the difficult decision we made.  Everyone – players, staff and Directors – looks forward to seeing old  friends and enjoys the ambience, competition, entertainment and energy  generated at the ACS Nationals every year…all of which will be sorely  missed. We apologize for any inconvenience to our attendees. Airlines  are being flexible with transfer, refund and voucher policies, and in  some cases you might want to reschedule  your flights for 2021, when we’ll reconvene in a big way at the ACME  ACS Nationals, May 15-23, at the Tropicana Las Vegas!